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Reviewing a decision we have made

If you believe we did not make the right decision in relation to your matter, you can request to have the decision reviewed.

We’re committed to providing Queenslanders with a transparent, accountable and fair complaints management system. We provide parties to a complaint with the opportunity to seek a review of certain administrative decisions in accordance with our Internal review policy.

What can you do if you are dissatisfied with a decision?

If you believe the decision we made in relation to the complaint is not correct, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns with the officer listed on the letter we sent to you (i.e. the notice of decision). The officer will explain how the decision was reached and answer any questions you have.

If you still believe the decision is not correct, you can request an internal review.


What decisions can be reviewed?

  • A decision that the complaint is not within the jurisdiction of the Health Ombudsman.
  • A decision not to accept a complaint.
  • A decision to take no further action, at any stage of the complaint management process, under section 44 of the Health Ombudsman Act 2013 (the Act).
  • A decision to not facilitate local resolution under section 43A, following receipt of a mandatory report from a state entity under section 93 of the Act.


How long do you have to request an internal review?

Requests for an internal review must be made in writing within 28 calendar days of the date of the decision letter (i.e. the notice of decision).


What information is required for internal review?

Your request for internal review must include a clear outline of the reasons you believe the decision is not correct (e.g. what specific aspects of the decision do you consider to be incorrect, or what information you believe may not have been considered).

If there is new information, which came to light after the original decision was made, you can request us to consider it.


Who will conduct the internal review?

If your request for internal review is accepted, it will be conducted by a review officer who is independent from the original decision maker.


How do you make a request for internal review?

Requests for internal review must:

  • be in writing
  • refer to the relevant case reference number
  • provide your preferred contact information.

Send your review request to us using the contact details below.


What can you do if you are not satisfied with the internal review decision?

If you are not satisfied with the decision made on internal review, or any part of the internal review process, you may make a complaint to the Queensland Ombudsman.

For information about the Queensland Ombudsman visit their website or contact their office directly.


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