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Spotlight February 2020

Each month we spotlight some of our key performance data on this page. The following data is for the period 1 February 2020 – 29 February 2020

Download the latest monthly performance report for a more detailed breakdown of our performance data.


Complaints – contacts that were processed as health service complaints.

Enquiries – contacts in which the person contacting us is just after information, or when a contact is outside the jurisdiction of the Office of the Health Ombudsman.

Yet to be categorised – contacts that require additional information or came in just before the end of the reporting period and are still being processed.

Accepted – complaints accepted for further relevant action.

Not accepted – matters not accepted for further relevant action.

Decisions pending – matters where more information is required before deciding whether to accept or not accept a complaint, or because a matter came in just before the end of the reporting period and is still be processed.

The above figures outline the methods used to contact the office, including complaints, enquiries and contacts still to be classified.

The figures above are based on all issues recorded during the reporting period. Please note, there can be multiple issues identified within a single complaint.

Decisions on how to proceed made within 7 days


(818 matters)

Assessments started this month


Assessments completed this month


Local resolutions started this month


Local resolutions completed this month


Local resolutions completed within legislated timeframes


30 days and 60 days (with approved extension)

Investigations this month


Investigations started


Investigations closed

Immediate actions issued this month


Immediate registration actions


Interim prohibition orders