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Strategic plan


Office of the Health Ombudsman Strategic Plan 2019–23


Safe, competent and ethical health services that are responsive to consumer complaints.


  1. Protect the health and safety of consumers.
  2. Promote high standards in health service delivery.
  3. Facilitate responsive complaint management.

Objectives and strategies

ONE: Protect the health and safety of consumers

Take proportionate and timely action in response to serious complaints and notifications about health practitioners by:

  • identifying and quantifying risk through prompt and effective triage and assessment including the taking and monitoring of immediate action
  • investigating complaints and notifications in a comprehensive, fair and independent manner
  • prosecuting matters through QCAT in a professional and impartial way.

TWO: Promote high standards in health service delivery

Identify and analyse systemic issues impacting on the delivery of health services, the regulation of health practitioners and management of health complaints by:

  • analysing complaints and other data to identify relevant issues and trends relating to the delivery of health services
  • undertaking effective and targeted own- initiative investigations
  • monitoring and reporting on the health regulation and complaints management landscape.

THREE: Facilitate responsive complaint management

Facilitate the effective and efficient management and resolution of health service complaints by:

  • providing an accessible, sustainable and effective process for receiving, assessing, resolving, conciliating and/or referring complaints about health practitioners and health services
  • assisting people to navigate through the complaints and regulatory system
  • empowering consumers and supporting providers to resolve appropriate complaints themselves
  • partnering with our co-regulators and other stakeholders to ensure the consistent, efficient and appropriate response to complaints and concerns.


Operate an accountable and performance driven organisation by:

  • recruiting, training and supporting a skilled, capable and engaged workforce
  • fostering a culture of collaboration based on shared values
  • developing capable leaders
  • ensuring systems, policies, procedures and work practices support and enhance the work of the office
  • achieving transparent and measurable outcomes.


People and relationships

We are a people-focused organisation that recognises people are at the centre of everything we do. We respect others, value diversity and recognise that meaningful relationships are critical to our success.

Getting it right

We are focused on quality outcomes and we value professionalism, diligence and thoroughness. We acknowledge the decisions we make have a significant impact on people.

Fairness for all

We act ethically, impartially, objectively and with integrity. We do not take sides.

Continuous improvement

We recognise the challenge of sustainability in the face of increasing demand for our services. We encourage new ideas and embrace new ways of working.

Strategic challenges and opportunities

We will embrace proactive, innovative and dynamic approaches and solutions to maximise our ability to respond to service demand.

Increasing demand across our functions impacts our ability to maintain service delivery and meet legislative timeframes.

We will foster a sustainable workforce through strong leaders who embrace our vision, purpose and values, and a capable and engaged workforce that operates in a safe and supportive environment.

The need to demonstrate value to our stakeholders requires consistent, effective and efficient responses in the face of increasing demand.

We will build trust and confidence through considered, proportionate and timely responses; acting fairly and impartially; supporting our work with effective governance and assurance systems; and developing and maintaining meaningful relationships.

Performance measures

  • Percentage of disciplinary matters in which QCAT decides there is a case to answer.
  • Percentage of immediate action decisions upheld by QCAT.
  • Percentage of investigations finalised within 12 months.
  • Percentage of intake decisions made within 7 days.
  • Percentage of complaints assessed within legislative timeframes.
  • Percentage of local resolutions finalised in legislative timeframes.
  • Percentage of complainants satisfied with the complaints management process.

The plan was reviewed in April 2020 with no changes made.

Download the Office of the Health Ombudsman Strategic Plan 2019–23 PDF (110KB)