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What you can do if you are dissatisfied with our decision

We are committed to providing Queensland with a transparent, accountable and fair complaints management system.

Ask us how we reached the decision

If you believe the decision we made in relation to the complaint is not correct, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns with the case officer or officer listed on the email or letter we sent you (i.e. the 'notice of decision'). The officer will explain how the decision was reached and answer any questions you may have.

If afterwards, you still believe the decision is not correct, you can request an external review.

Request an external review by the Queensland Ombudsman

If you believe we made the wrong decision in relation to your complaint, you can request to have the decision externally reviewed by the Queensland Ombudsman.

Requests for external review must be made to the Queensland Ombudsman within 1 year of the notice of decision.

For more information visit the Queensland Ombudsman website or contact their office.