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Make a public interest disclosure

A public interest disclosure is a disclosure about suspected wrongdoing in the public sector. Allegations about wrongdoing in the public sector help to uncover corruption and other misuses of public resources.

You are encouraged to report wrongdoing regarding Office of the Health Ombudsman employees to the Health Ombudsman. Disclosures can be made verbally or in writing.

While anonymous disclosures will be accepted, you are encouraged to provide your contact details so the office can provide support and feedback.

Ideally, when making a public interest disclosure, you should try to include:

  • information about relevant events, dates and places
  • the name and job title of the person involved, if known
  • the names of people who may be able to provide extra information
  • any other relevant information.

Disclosures should be made in writing or verbally to:


Executive Advisor
Office of the Health Ombudsman
PO Box 13281, George Street, Brisbane, Qld, 4003


133 OHO (133 646)

The Office of the Health Ombudsman Public interest disclosure policy outlines the obligations of the Office of the Health Ombudsman in dealing with public interest disclosures.

You may also choose to report wrongdoing to another proper authority, either as a first step or if you are unhappy with the Health Ombudsman’s action on the matter.

Protection of disclosers

Making a public interest disclosure about suspected wrongdoing is the right thing to do. You have a right to not suffer harm or detriment because you have spoken up, or someone believes you may have spoken up. This kind of action is called reprisal and it is illegal.

The OHO will protect people who make a public interest disclosure—or are involved in a public interest disclosure investigation—from reprisal.

More information about public interest disclosure

Further information about public interest disclosures can be found on the Queensland Ombudsman website.


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