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Health consumers

Talking with your health service provider

Talking with your health service provider can often be the quickest and easiest way to address your concerns or fix a problem. Here are some tips on raising concerns with health service providers.

If you’re thinking of making a complaint, these tips will help you clarify your concerns and the outcome you seek.

Clarify your concerns

If you are not satisfied with a service received from a health service provider, think about what the problem is and what you would like to happen. Be realistic and offer constructive ideas to resolve the issue. It can help to jot down a few notes about the problem and your desired outcome.

Talk with your health service provider

Talking with your health service provider is often the quickest and easiest way to resolve a problem. Raising your concerns with the provider directly helps to maintain a good relationship and may identify ways they can improve their service.

Make a formal complaint

You may decide to speak with or write to the provider’s supervisor or patient liaison officer. Health service providers should have a complaints management process. Ask for information about the process and make a time or appointment to raise your concerns. You may want to involve a support person or advocate.


Remember, as an independent and impartial organisation, we do not advocate for either party in managing health service complaints.

How to make a health service complaint