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Health consumers

Assessing a complaint

When a complaint is more complex or requires more analysis it may be referred for further assessment.

Getting all the information

To assess a complaint, it’s important we get all the information we can. We’ll collect and analyse information provided by you and the health service provider you are complaining about in order to decide how to best manage your complaint. If necessary, we may also seek information from other parties, such as any relevant independent experts, to help inform our assessment.

We may ask you and/or the health service provider for further information or a formal submission, if required.

You and the provider will be kept up-to-date throughout this process.

Making a decision

After assessing your complaint in detail we will decide on the most appropriate action to take. Generally, this will be within 30 days of starting assessment. We will inform you and the health service provider of our decision and what will happen next.

If we decide to take your complaint forward, we may do any, or a combination, of the following:

If we decide we can’t take your complaint any further, we will explain the reasons why and any options you may have available. We will also keep your complaint on record to help us identify any patterns of provider conduct or practice, or systemic healthcare issues.