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Health service providers

How to resolve concerns with the healthcare you’ve provided

We always recommend, where appropriate, that complainants discuss their concerns with the health service provider first. This is often the quickest and easiest way to address any concerns or fix a problem.

It’s important if you’re approached by a consumer with a complaint, that you take the time to listen to their concerns and consider how you might be able to address them.

Often people just want a clear explanation of what happened. Some complainants want an acknowledgement that something went wrong, even if the incident was unavoidable or unforeseeable. They may seek an apology, or to see a service improved to prevent the situation occurring again. Sometimes, complainants may want to see someone held accountable or be seeking compensation.

Experience suggests that people make a complaint because they genuinely feel that something was unsatisfactory with the health service provided to them. As a result, complaints provide an opportunity for you to view your service from the consumer’s perspective and to look for opportunities to improve.