/Orders against health practitioners/George Campbell Du Toit

George Campbell Du Toit

01 July 2022

The Health Ombudsman took immediate registration action by imposing conditions on the registration of George Campbell Du Toit, effective 27 June 2022.

Details of George Campbell Du Toit's registration, including the full list of imposed conditions, can be viewed on the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency website.

Conditions imposed include the requirement that George Campbell Du Toit must:

  • not perform or assist with any surgical procedures on a patient - for the purposes of this condition ‘surgical procedures’ are defined as procedures that require any incision of the skin or mucous membrane whatsoever
  • not provide or have any involvement in the provision of intrapartum care, including supervision of another health practitioner providing intrapartum care - for the purposes of this condition ‘intrapartum care’ is defined as any treatment or intervention to women during labour (all stages) and immediately after birth
  • not be the most senior person rostered on any shift when practising as a registered health practitioner.

Within five (5) business days of the commencement of these conditions (if currently employed or practising as a registered health practitioner), and on commencing in any new place of practice, the practitioner must provide written confirmation to the Health Ombudsman that the practitioner’s employer/s and/or an Executive Medical Director (or equivalent) has:

  • been notified of the specific alleged conduct that gave rise to these conditions
  • been provided by the practitioner a full redacted copy of the most recent document issued by the Health Ombudsman, stating the reasons for the Health Ombudsman imposing conditions on the practitioner’s registration.

In accordance with section 62(2) of the Health Ombudsman Act 2013 (the Act), the Health Ombudsman’s decision will continue to have effect until:

  • the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal sets the decision aside
  • the Health Ombudsman removes the conditions imposed on George Campbell Du Toit's registration under section 65 of the Act.