/Orders against health practitioners/Shane B J Dorta Ekenaike

Shane B J Dorta Ekenaike

30 June 2022

The Health Ombudsman took immediate registration action by imposing conditions on the registration of Shane B J Dorta Ekenaike, effective 30/06/2022.

Details of Shane B J Dorta Ekenaike registration, including the full list of imposed conditions, can be viewed on the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency website.

Conditions imposed include the requirement that Mr Shane B J Dorta Ekenaike, must be supervised by another registered health practitioner (the supervisor) when practising as a registered nurse.

In accordance with section 62(2) of the Health Ombudsman Act 2013 (the Act), the Health Ombudsman’s decision will continue to have effect until:

  • the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal sets the decision aside
  • the Health Ombudsman removes the conditions imposed on Shane B J Dorta Ekenaike registration under section 65 of the Act.