//Investigation report Beaudesert Hospital December 2015

Investigation report Beaudesert Hospital December 2015

21 December 2015

This report details the investigation undertaken by the Health Ombudsman into the quality and safety of maternity services at the Beaudesert Hospital. The investigation commenced as a result of a complaint received by both the Health Ombudsman and the Metro South Hospital and Health Service (MSHHS) about a medical practitioner at Beaudesert Hospital. This complaint prompted a clinical review conducted by the MSHHS into concerns raised about the provision of maternity services at Beaudesert Hospital.

On 2 February 2015, the Health Ombudsman commenced an own-motion investigation into the Beaudesert Hospital Maternity Services.

The following information was requested from the MSHHS about the actions taken since the independent clinical review had been finalised:

  • How the recommendations of the review were distributed to staff of the Beaudesert Hospital Maternity Services.
  • What actions had been implemented/taken since the findings of the review were released.
  • The outcomes as a result of the implementation/actions taken since the findings of the review.
  • The future actions established as a result of any outcomes or findings since the release of the review.

On 16 April 2015, a written submission was received from the MSHHS addressing each request above. The submission included 21 actions that had been implemented since their independent clinical review had been finalised.

After reviewing and analysing the evidence, the Health Ombudsman determined that:

  • there are no deficiencies in the recommendations arising from the review, nor any issues identified in the implementation of the recommendations
  • the MSHHS has taken appropriate action to improve the clinical services delivered at the Beaudesert Hospital Maternity Services
  • the MSHHS has appropriately addressed any issues identified
  • any risk to public health and safety has been appropriately managed by the MSHHS.
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