//Health Ombudsman can accept practitioner undertakings from 1 July

Health Ombudsman can accept practitioner undertakings from 1 July

01 July 2024

Amendments to the Health Ombudsman Act 2013 on 1 July 2024 will enable the Health Ombudsman to accept undertakings from registered practitioners as a form of immediate registration action.

Undertakings will complement other forms of immediate registration actions including suspending or imposing conditions on a registered health practitioner.

Health Ombudsman Dr Lynne Coulson Barr OAM said “There are some circumstances where an undertaking will be an appropriate course of action to protect the public without a suspension or condition being imposed on a practitioner’s registration. Accepting undertakings on a practitioner’s registration will generally take less time and resources compared to other forms of immediate action, providing an efficient and effective way of strengthening regulatory oversight in Queensland’s healthcare sector.”

Undertakings may be accepted when the Health Ombudsman considers that these will appropriately mitigate risks to public health and safety and act to ensure expected standards of professional conduct and patient care are maintained.

An undertaking is a voluntary commitment made in writing by a registered practitioner to either do, or not do, something relating to their profession.

If the Health Ombudsman accepts a practitioner’s undertaking, the undertaking becomes a legal obligation and will be published on the Office of the Health Ombudsman's (OHO) public register.

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