/Orders against health practitioners/Karren-Lee Raymond

Karren-Lee Raymond

29 Mar. 2023

The practitioner:

  • must only practice as a health practitioner at the following approved employment and practice location: Karren-Lee Addictionology, Room 210/91 Commercial Rd, Teneriffe Qld 4005
  • is prohibited from providing any form of treatment, program, or retreat, that involves patients staying overnight in premises owned or controlled by the practitioner or in any location where the practitioner will also be present
  • is restricted to providing a maximum of one session per week per patient and must keep records that verify the times and dates of patient attendance, to be provided to the Office of the Health Ombudsman and/or the practitioner’s approved supervisors upon request
  • must be supervised by a Health Ombudsman approved 'supervisor' (who must be a suitably qualified and experienced counsellor) (the supervisor) when providing health services
  • in the event no approved supervisor is willing or able to provide the supervision required, the practitioner must cease practice immediately and may not resume practice until a new supervisor has been nominated by the practitioner and approved by the Health Ombudsman.