/Orders against health practitioners/Mark Raymond Strong

Mark Raymond Strong

22 Mar. 2023

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal entered into undertakings with Mark Raymond Strong, remedial massage therapist, on 2 November 2021.

The following undertakings were effected on 22 March 2023 and include the requirements that Mark Raymond Strong must participate in mentoring for a period of 24 months and must:

  • nominate a mentor to the Health Ombudsman for the applicant’s approval
  • meet with the mentor:
    • no less frequently than monthly for at least an hour
    • face to face or by visual-audio link
    • and focus upon ethical decision making, practice management, maintaining appropriate boundaries with clients and massage technique
  • maintain records (Records) of each meeting with the mentor recording:
    • the date of the meeting
    • the location of the meeting, or if by audio-visual link, the means of the meeting
    • the duration of the meeting
    • the topics discussed at the meeting
  • make the records available for inspection to the applicant upon request
  • bear any costs associated with the mentoring.