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2024–2028 Diversity, equity and inclusion strategy

Our goals

  • We are flexible enough to meet changing priorities by attracting, retaining and developing a diverse array of talent that reflects the community we serve.
  • We develop a united culture that supports staff wellbeing, diversity and inclusivity.
  • We understand and respond to the different needs of our communities when engaging with us.
  • We implement a strategy for Aboriginals Peoples and Torres Strait Islanders Peoples and priority populations that supports equitable access to our services.
  • We fulfill our obligations under Chapter 2 Public Sector Act 2022 - equity, diversity, respect and inclusion.
  • We work in alignment with our organisational values of integrity, respect, collaboration, compassion and courage.

Our priorities

Foster and support an inclusive, respectful, and culturally safe work environment that supports staff wellbeing.

  • Build the cultural capability of all staff by:
    • supporting flexible work practices to meet the diverse needs of staff
    • embedding inclusivity understanding through access to targeted learning and education.
  • Increase representation of diversity through targeted employment programs by:
    • attracting diverse groups, through targeted recruitment practices and;
    • embedding inclusive practices into recruitment and selection and onboarding processes.
  • Celebrate events and share stories to encourage understanding of different cultures.

Embed diversity in decision making by promoting equal opportunity for leadership and career development.

  • Increase representation of diversity in decision making by:
    • ensuring diverse voices are heard and provided the opportunity to influence decisions and outcomes at every level of the organisation
    • incorporating diversity and inclusion actions into workforce policy, business plans and strategic workforce plans.
  • Provide visible and vocal leadership by demonstrating commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Implement strategies to promote diverse groups into leadership roles by ensuring development opportunities are designed to be accessible to all staff.

Our approach

Cultural change

Taking a cultural change approach we will focus on challenging values, beliefs and assumptions as well as ensuring our policies, processes, systems and practices are inclusive.

Inclusive and diverse leadership

Supporting and building a diverse workforce that is representative of the community we serve and provides leadership opportunities for staff.

Employment targets

  • 4% Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.
  • 12% people living with a disability.
  • 12% culturally and linguistically diverse peoples, who speak a language other than English at home.
  • 50% women in leadership.

The OHO has set its employment targets as per the Queensland public sector diversity targets for 2023–2026.